Comparison and Reconciliation Document Creation Tool


MAT 2.0 introduces comparison documents, which contain multiple sets of annotations against the same signal, together with pairings and similarity judgments. These pairings are created by the same algorithm that underlies MATScore. These pairings can be visualized, and (ultimately) reconciled, in the MAT UI, and these comparison documents are created by the MAT server in response to comparison requests from the UI. The standalone viewer has no corresponding ability to create these documents on demand; this tool is provided for those who wish to create comparison documents for viewing in the standalone tool.

You can use this tool to create a comparison document, which can later be converted to a reconciliation document in the MAT UI, or you can create a reconciliation document directly, depending on what your goals are.



% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATCreateComparisonDocument

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATCreateComparisonDocument

Usage: MATCreateComparisonDocument [options] task_name output pivot other...

task_name: the name of a known task. Known tasks are: ...
output: the file (or directory, if pivot is a directory) to save the comparison document to.
pivot: the document (or directory of documents) to which each of the other documents will be compared.
other...: a sequence of other documents (or directories, if pivot is a directory,
which all share the same signal with the pivot_doc.


--file_type <t>
The file type of the input document(s). One of the readers. Default is mat-json.
--similarity_profile <s>
If provided, the name of a similarity profile in the specified task.
If provided, the document will be created for reconciliation rather than comparison.
--pivot_label <l>
If provided, the label to use for the document label of the pivot.
--other_labels <l,l,...>
If provided, a comma-separated sequence of labels to use for each of the other documents or directories.

Other options

The readers referenced in the --file_type option may introduce additional options, which are described here. These additional options must follow the --file_type option.


Let's say you've annotated a document ne.json using the "Named Entity" task, and you have another annotator's annotations as well, in the file ne_other.json and you want to create a comparison document for use in the standalone viewer, and you want to treat your document as the reference (pivot) document.


% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATCreateComparisonDocument "Named Entity" ne_comparison.json ne.json ne_other.json

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATCreateComparisonDocument.cmd "Named Entity" ne_comparison.json ne.json ne_other.json