Reconciliation Document Export Tool


MAT 2.0 introduces reconciliation documents, which contain multiple sets of annotations against the same signal, together with pairings and similarity judgments. These documents, once fully reconciled in the UI, can be converted back into regular MAT documents. This operation is also available in the UI.

Reconciliation documents created in workspaces will be exported in the course of completing reconciliation review. This tool is not intended to be used with those documents.



% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATExportReconciliationDocument

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATExportReconciliationDocument

Usage: MATExportReconciliationDocument [options] task_name rec_doc output_doc

task_name: the name of a known task.
rec_doc: a fully reconciled reconciliation document
output_doc: the file to save the exported document to.


--file_type <t>
The file type of the output document. One of the writers. Default is mat-json.

Other options

The writers referenced in the --file_type option may introduce additional options, which are described here. These additional options must follow the --file_type option.


Let's say you've got a reconciliation document ne_rec.json, which was created using the "Named Entity" task, and you've fully reconciled all the differences via the UI. Now, you want to export this document to ne.json.


% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATExportReconciliationDocument "Named Entity" ne_rec.json ne.json

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATExportReconciliationDocument "Named Entity" ne_rec.json ne.json