Workspace updater


Like version 2.0, version 3.0 of MAT modified the internal structure of workspaces. The MAT 3.0 workspace engine will not work on workspaces created with previous versions of MAT. You can use this tool to create a 3.0-compliant copy of your 2.0 workspaces. Note: you cannot create 3.0 workspace from 1.x workspaces; you must use the MATUpdateWorkspace1To2 tool in MAT 2.0 first.

This new workspace must be a copy. You cannot convert your existing workspace to a 3.0-compliant workspace; while we've tested this utility, there's always the possibility that something will go wrong or some data will get lost, and we don't want to overwrite your existing data. Note, however, that once you create your copy, the two workspaces will be completely distinct; except in grave circumstances, you should archive your old workspace as a precaution and work only with the new workspace using MAT 3.0.



% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATUpdateWorkspace2To3

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATUpdateWorkspace2To3.cmd

Usage: MATUpdateWorkspace2To3 [options] old_workspace new_workspace

old_workspace: a 2.x MAT workspace directory
new_workspace: a location for your 3.0-compliant workspace copy. This directory must not already exist.

This tool copies over all files and workspace configuration information, as well as creating any custom folders which your task requires.


Many of the options are similar to the options to the create operation for MATWorkspaceEngine, due to the additional flexibility of the 3.0 workspaces.

--workspace_config <config>
The workspace configuration or workflow to be associated with this workspace. Required if the task has more than one human-mediated workflow.
--dont_copy_model By default, the workspace updater will try to copy over the model from the old workspace, under the assumption that the workspace config is (or uses) the same workflow that the old workspace implicitly used. In most cases, this is a good assumption. If you don't want the models copied, provide this option.
--language <l>
The language to be associated with this workspace. Required if the task has more than one language associated with it.
--similarity_profile <s>
The similarity profile in the task to use when reconciling documents. If not specified, the default similarity profile for the task will be used. If the task has multiple defined similarity profiles but no default, a warning will be issued.

MATUpdateWorkspace2To3 also makes the common options available.


Let's say you have a pre-3.0 workspace in /data/myworkspace, and you want to create a 3.0-compliant workspace in /data/3point0/myworkspace, and you've defined a workspace configuration named "Custom Demo" that you want to use, with the existing models, and your 3.0 task supports both English and French:


% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATUpdateWorkspace2To3 \
--workspace_config "Custom Demo" --language English \
/data/myworkspace /data/2point0/myworkspace

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATUpdateWorkspace12To3.cmd \
--workspace_config "Custom Demo" --language English \
data\myworkspace C:\data\2point0\myworkspace