MacOS System Requirements, Conventions, and Installation

System requirements

This toolkit is known to run on MacOS El Capitan 10.11.x (latest update). We no longer test on previous versions of MacOS, although previous versions of MAT have been known to run straightforwardly on these platforms.

This toolkit depends on a number of external tools which must be installed before you install MAT. For the Mac version, they are:


The conventions are identical to the Unix conventions.


To prepare MacOS for installation of this toolkit, follow these steps:

Once you've completed these steps, you may proceed with the installation, as follows:

During the installation, you might be prompted for various paths and locations which the toolkit requires.

When the installation is complete, your runtime environment will be configured for you.

Upgrading dependencies, changing the configuration, or moving the installation

While it is possible to override MAT's runtime environment using environment variables, it's not recommended. So you may have to do something special if you want to change your installation in any way.